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      Any website that allows advertising you can advertise on. Or, on your

      own personal blogs or websites as well.

      I don’t get rich doing it, but I make money here and there. I spend

      about 1 day every 2-3 months making new designs and updating the shops

      I run. I make around $100 a year from the site, and considering I

      only “work” 3-4 days a year, it’s not bad. It’s $25 a day, basically,

      so yeah, it’s worth having. Since it costs $0 for me to run, there’s no

      costs involved.

      You don’t have to do anything from the manufacturing side. You create

      your shop, and advertise it. The manufacturing, the money handling,

      even the shipping is 100% handled by Cafepress, so there’s no worries

      that you have to do running around for it.

      — In, “winnie295” wrote:


      > I checked out the website the other night. Can you tell me about

      > your personal experience with it? How are you allowed to advertise

      > to drive business to your shop? Do you make enough money from it to

      > make it worth your while? It sounds like fun, but I would also like

      > to make a few bucks doing it. Thanks for any info you can give.


      > Doreen

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