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      I checked out the website the other night. Can you tell me about

      your personal experience with it? How are you allowed to advertise

      to drive business to your shop? Do you make enough money from it to

      make it worth your while? It sounds like fun, but I would also like

      to make a few bucks doing it. Thanks for any info you can give.


      — In, “herberkids3”



      > It’s a website where you add your own designs and sayings to items


      > t-shirts, hats, magnets, pins, even underweare and teddy bears. You

      > then sell them via the website, and earn money off the sales.


      > — In, “mparadisd” wrote:

      > >

      > >

      > > Hi, My name is Marie and I know this sounds stupid but what is

      > > Cafepress?

      > >

      > > I haven’t really asked any questions before so this is new to me.

      > >

      > > Thanks,

      > > Marie

      > > mparadisd@

      > >


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