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      How funny, I actually sell Xango…thanks to my parents who needed

      another name on their “monthly count”. And I had a blood disorder –

      Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (my body [spleen] was destroying my red

      blood cells). I went through “mild” chemotherapy and steroids for

      approximately 5 years to no avail. My parents doused me with gallons

      of Xango, also to no avail. My only cure was to have my spleen removed

      which happened in Dec 2006. My blood count is now back to normal and

      the only side effect was the yearly Pneumonia vaccination I need to


      On the mangosteen-Xango route, I do have a cousin who was due to die

      from breast cancer that metastasized to her spine and brain in December

      2006. She had gone through surgery and several chemo and radiotherapy

      to get rid of it, it still exists. But the family (with my parents

      heading the charge) sent bottles and bottles of Xango to her (about

      $100 for 4 bottles – she had to drink one bottle a day) at their own

      expense. Almost a year later, she is still alive but still has a small

      amount of the cancer in her body.

      Is mangosteen a “miracle” drink? I can’t say “yes” or “no”. It did

      not help me with my blood problem, but it did “somehow” help extend my

      cousins life. But I can’t say that prayer and medical intervention

      didn’t help as well. My Mom’s high blood pressure and cholesterol

      count went down within the first year she started using it, but maybe

      taking in more “fruit” in her diet did that.

      If you can spare $100 for 4 bottles then try it. You don’t have to

      drink a bottle a day like my cousin. I think the recommended daily

      allowance is 1-2 4oz servings a day – bottle may last a week or two.

      If you get through the four bottles and there is no improvement, don’t

      buy anymore and research the heck out of the internet. If it does,

      then keep going.

      Also, if you chose to buy any version of the “mangosteen”, give it a

      taste test. Xango has a gritty raspberry/strawberry taste – gritty

      because the seeds are still in there. I like the taste, but my 8 & 6

      y/o daughters hate it. You don’t want to waste your money if you son

      can’t even get it down.

      Good luck!!


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