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      >>I recently discussed my son’s blood disease with some woman who was overbearingly interested… She then asked for my email address and sent me information on mangosteen which is known to boost immune systems…
      Does anyone know anything about this?<<<

      Chances are, she’s a distributor for this & you seem like fresh meat with a fat wallet to her…

      Mangosteen is typically advertised and marketed as part of an emerging category of novel functional foods sometimes called “superfruits” presumed to have a combination of 1) appealing subjective characteristics, such as taste, fragrance and visual qualities, 2) nutrient richness, 3) antioxidant strength and 4) potential impact for lowering risk against human diseases.

      There are several companies online that promote this “superfruit”, but I suppose it’s claims are right up there with Melaleuca (sp?), and any other amazing cure all “fruit”.

      I do know that one of the health claims is that it contains Mangostin, which is a xanthone present in Mangosteen. HOWEVER, it is found in the exocarp which is Inedible- so therefore its not actually IN the products these distributors are trying to sell.

      Caveat emptor,


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