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      I think below is the email you’re referring too. Hope it helps.


      know your pain…I have 4 myself. The number is 888-276-0209. The e-mail address is The guy who you will speak to is really nice. There isn’t a website. You can either join to get a 4lb package once a month(which is what I do) or you can just order whenever you would like.

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      Several months back, someone on one of the many budget groups I belong to
      listed a place they use to purchase coupon inserts. I think they were
      paying like $27 for a huge amount that came in a priority envelope. Anybody
      have any idea what I am referring to? I had planned to begin using the
      service in the new year, and had a computer blip a while back that wiped out
      all my saved emails. Argh!! Basically, I guess I am hoping someone will
      have info on places to buy coupon inserts.


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