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      First…go to to investigate prices of used vehicles. This

      website is the one used by car dealers to determine the value of used cars.

      Used cars have two different values…retail and trade-in. When you buy

      from a dealership expect to pay retail for the car. When you buy from an

      individual you would pay somewhere between the trade-in and retail.

      Definetely investigate the price of the car at this website before buying.

      If you can find a car that has been on a dealer’s lot for an extended period

      of time you will get a better deal…many dealerships will sell these cars

      at a loss because it costs them money to keep it on the lot. Its possible

      to pay less at a dealership then through an individual but it may involve a

      bit more looking around. Also if you purchase from an individual make sure

      you have the car inspected by a mechanic BEFORE purchasing so you don’t get

      any surprises. When purchasing from a reputable dealership you are

      guaranteed a car in good condition but you don’t have that same guarantee

      from a private party sale.

      If you have any other questions, my husband is in the car business so we’d

      be happy to answer them :o)

      Jennifer Thomson

      University Of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

      Neurobiology PhD Program

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      >Subject: : Buying a used vehicle

      >Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 20:39:25 -0000


      >I am looking for a used vehicle to replace one that was involved in a

      >wreck. The one involved in the wreck is a 1982 chevrolet full size

      >truck. I can still drive it; it has been wrecked on one side all the

      >way down. The insurance company made it a salvage vehicle. I will be

      >getting around $10,250.00 from the insurance company. I have no

      >experience buying a used vehicle. The ones we have have been passed

      >down from family members. I will have only the money from the insurance

      >company ($10,250.0) to buy a vehicle and plan to pay cash for it. I

      >have no extra money to make payments. Is it better to buy from an

      >individual that owns the vehicle he is selling or to buy from a car

      >dealer? Will the car dealers give you a discount for paying cash and

      >how much would the taxes, etc. I would have to pay extra for from a

      >dealership? I live in N.C. Any advice anyone can give me will be

      >greatly appreciated.



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