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      I posted on this earlier – (additional comments) I drive a long distance to work so my method of madness is after doing all the checks on the car that I can — I am now driving the car really hard to force it to show me what is wrong before the 90 days come up. If I go to work every day my average weekly mileage is 500 miles / 2000 per month minimum. Driving the car like this should show me soon where the weak links are – Got the car last month and have put 3k on the car and some little noises but nothing I can really put my finger on So it is getting a trip to the dealership for a 90 point inspection. NO not to the place where I purchased the vehicle … rather find out now than on day 91 and have to foot all the expenses myself.

      janesansible wrote: That is not a guarantee because people sometimes do not report car
      accidents or damages and fix them on their own. When they do that the
      reports on do not show these unreported repairs. This also
      happens at dealerships too when you buy a used car that has NO
      reported damages but ends up being a lemon.


      — In, Cassie Homer
      > Run a check on a particular car with its VIN number at
      When my mom was looking, I satyed at home and ran reports for her. I
      don’t remember how much it was, I think $20.00 for a month of
      unlimited reports.
      > Cassie
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