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      I am a newbie here but wanted to chime in here. I am very fortunate.

      My husband is the shop foreman at our local Chrysler dealership. He

      is also a ASE certified mechanic with 20 + years exp. We own three

      vehicles. a 2001 Chrysler Voyager we paid $2100 cash for (that is

      taxes and title included) 2 years ago. It was the company shuttle

      van. They bought a new one. Then we own 1998 Dodge Intrepid that we

      bought from his work for $800. It had 130,000 miles on it when we

      bought it but it was from a salesman who did alot of highway

      traveling. My husband had to invest $30 for a part for the A/c and

      that was it. Then we bought a 1998 quad cab Dodge Ram for $600. It

      was traded in and was going to be wholeselaed by the dealership. The

      only thing wrong with it was a messed up bumper. $150 fixed that. So

      now, we have 2 drivers in the family and three paid for vehicles.

      We just paid off our only loan when we got our income tax refund.

      Now all we owe is our mortgage that we have been paying on since

      1993. We hope to double up and have it paid off in 10 years if not

      sooner. We have three small children which I am fortunate enough to

      be able to stay at home with. We are hoping to pay cash for a 2 car

      garage addition as well as a huge family room that we will be adding

      in 2009. We use no credit cards. We pay cash only or we just don’t

      buy it.

      We are sleeping better and can take off and take family trips often.


      > Pat wrote:

      > I am looking for a used vehicle to replace one that was involved

      > in a wreck. The one involved in the wreck is a 1982 chevrolet

      > full size truck. I can still drive it; it has been wrecked on

      > one side all

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