Buying a used vehicle

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      12.0pt;font-family:Arial;”>If you don’t want to deal with a car dealership, use a
      car broker. They do all the haggling for you, you still get all the
      guarantees from a dealership, you just don’t have to deal with them. You
      just arrive, and pick up the keys.

      We’ve done this for a few cars
      and it’s so easy. You tell them what you are looking for, new or
      used, the price you are willing to pay and they do all the work to find you the
      best car for the money. Of course you do have to deal with someone ligit
      to get this to work well on your side.


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      a used vehicle

      Ok, never ever go through a car dealership. My
      advice right off the bat would be that the car dealersare trying to make
      money above all else for themselves. They do not have your best interest 9.0pt;font-family:Verdana;”>

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