Buying a used vehicle

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      I second CarMax. I bought my 98 Mazda 626 there, and it’s still going

      strong. It had 13K miles on it (in 2001) and was priced very reasonably.

      Didn’t have any major problems other than things that just wear out on cars.

      My hubby last year bought a 2005 Kia Sedona from CarMax with about 6K miles

      on it, and he loves it. I can’t say they gave us a great deal on our

      trade-ins, but the overall deal worked well for us.


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      If you have a CarMax near you, I’d go there. For that sum you would have

      many to choose from and they don’t haggle at all, the price you see is the

      price you pay. All are lease turn in’s so they are newer cars with low

      mileage. That is where we’ve bought all our cars from and haven’t gotten a

      lemon yet.


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