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      Ok, never ever go through a car dealership. My advice right off the bat would be that the car dealersare trying to make money above all else for themselves. They do not have your best interest in mind.

      it is so important that you research for yourself. you will see the difference right away. our experience has usually never gone well with car dealers and used cars.

      find a local person in your town, preferably an older person, that is responsible and has cared well for the used car. most luck i have ever had was through the classified ads in the regular “print” edition paper. the elderly man we purchased from hada record of every oil change and tire rotation he had ever performed for the car, with the receipts attached.

      we were amazed!!! it was a win, win situation. they needed only one car, we needed their extra.

      it was honest, upfront, oldfashioned type of doing business. i was really impressed and kept up with the gentleman all this time. his old car has made my day since then!!

      we love it!!

      good luck to you!!

      summer nichols

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