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    We are going to be looking at puchasing a home. First time house looking. Is
    there a site some place that could give us a list of things we should be looking
    at/for as we veiw houses?
    I would like to compile a list before we start viewing.

    any past experience
    would be appreciated too.

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    What’s the exact location or country would you like to buy a house? Would you like to have a house that’s near of far from the city?

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    Somehow, the real estate business demands thorough research and a deep understanding of the overall business process. With the right amount of time, money and investment, you can have great profits from the real estate business. I just found one blog post

    Very interesting and important points given.In my opinion knowing the local property values, location, understanding legal portion and research are also crucial steps for real estate investment.

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    There are many challenges that come into play when you’re in the market to buy a home.

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    Look at rentals in less affluent but nice areas. That’s how I negotiated a bond to deed for 24K in less than 5 years with $400 down and $400 a month. It’s smaller, but has an extra lot.

    A lot of landlords just want out from under their rental houses as towns start increasing regulations on rentals that don’t apply to ownership. Think outside the traditional mortgage realtor mindset and you can save big.

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    You have a point there MamaNavyBrat. It is could be a good deal!

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