buying a house?

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      Something I forgot to mention… Visit the neighborhood you’re
      considering at different times and days.

      I grew up in a university town and I can tell you this is a MUST! Get
      up early (before 8AM) on a Saturday or Sunday morning and cruise the
      neighborhood…if there have been late parties or if there are tons
      of parked cars around a house, the mess will likely still be there. I
      put a contract on a really cute house, only to find that on Saturday
      AM the houses on either side had in excess of 5 cars each parked in
      the driveway/street…sure sign of unrelated renters (or people
      w/tons of teenagers…).

      I was able to get out of the contract for
      other reasons so I wasn’t stuck w/the house and neighborhood….but I
      learned an important lesson!

      Lisa G.

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