buying a house?

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      We’ve always paid our taxes & insurance as part of put payment. You
      may have to pay it that way if your mortgage company requires an
      escrow account. I believe that’s more common the less money you have
      to put down.

      For me it’s always been more convenient to cut one
      check a month, and I don’t have to worry about saving up to make tax
      & insurance payments a couple of times a year.

      Something I forgot to mention… Visit the neighborhood you’re
      considering at different times and days. Also, contact the police
      department for crime statistics.

      We once rented a shop in the cutest
      little wedding mall. Excellent parking, beautiful trees &
      courtyards, good price, etc. Went to look at the place early on a
      Tuesday morning, fell in love, & signed the papers that afternoon.
      It didn’t take long to find out that the weddings they held were
      huge, loud, often violent affairs.

      Between the noise, the parking
      mess & the drunken brawls our store was pretty much useless from 4pm
      Friday to early Monday morning. We finally moved out when there were
      shots fired in front of our store one evening & we found out the
      management company had hidden another shooting from the tenants by
      transfering a security guard a few months before. Luckily, that was
      only a lease.

      You don’t want to buy into a nightmare.


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