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      We bought our 3rd home a year and a half ago. This is the one I plan on
      staying in until we retire or longer. The main thing to look for is a good
      neighborhood where the neighbors keep their homes in good condition so the
      value of your home will go up.

      You are better off buying the worst house on
      the block in a neighborhood of nicer homes than buying the best house on the
      block and the rest of them are run down. Location, location…..

      Next, make a list of what you think you want in a house. Then redo that
      list and write down what you MUST have in a house. Besides the obvious
      things like the number of bedrooms and baths etc.

      think about how much
      maintenance you can and are willing to do. Does the yard have lots of trees
      and bushes? They look good but they are lots of work and having to have a
      big tree cut down is very expensive.

      (Been there) Is the driveway cement,
      asphalt, or gravel? Asphalt requires yearly or biyearly coatings to keep it
      from falling apart. Gravel requires periodic new loads of gravel or it
      turns to mud.

      Does the house have to be painted? Painting a house is lots
      and lots of work, and paint is getting very expensive. Having a pro do it,
      is down right ridiculously expensive.

      We decided to go with a cement driveway, brick construction, nice size yard
      with trees and few bushes. The house is a ranch with no stairs so we don’t
      have to worry about those stairs when we get older.

      Just some things to think about.

      Nancy in Ohio

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