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      Very important! Check out the school districts in the area you plan
      to buy in. We bought our last home 12 years ago.

      I made a list of
      what we wanted 2 living areas, 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, trees. Well
      this house fit everything on the list. One problem, I wasn’t real
      specific about the kitchen. We are still in the process of
      remodeling our home, because the kitchen really wasn’t functional for

      At the time we had 3 kids and were expecting. I went on to have
      2 more and ‘adopt’ another.

      When we were sure this was the home we wanted, I introduced myself to
      the neighbors behind us, beside us and across the street from us. I
      asked their opinion of the area and the local schools. Some had kids
      in school and some of them had kids no longer in school.

      I would never move anywhere that I couldn’t at least meet my
      prospective neighbors. A good part of your happiness in your new
      home will be all about the neighbors, especially if you have kids or
      plan to have kids. You can also check online to find out about sex
      offenders already living in your neighborhood.

      A friend of mine
      didn’t and moved in right between 2. She didn’t find out until one
      neighbor was arrested for a repeat offense.

      Drive through the neighborhood at various times of the day. Do the
      people that live there feel secure enough to let their children play
      in the front yards? In my neighborhood we are, in fact most of us
      are ‘porch sitters’.

      We have a nice mix of ages, from retired and in
      their 80’s to newly married.

      Jill, pam of djoe/army/fob speicher, iraq
      josh/marine reserves/broken arrow, ok
      5 other wonderful children and
      3 precious grandchildren!

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