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      I currently have my taxes included with the mortgage payment. What this means
      is that the extra I pay each month goes into an escrow account, and the bank
      pays the taxes when they come due. I earn interest on the amount in the escrow

      I like it because it is convenient, and I don’t have to worry about budgeting
      for the tax bill. I have my mortgage with a local bank and feel confident that
      they will pay the taxes. They will not do this for insurance, so I pay that

      (it seems like the bank would have a vested interest in being sure the
      insurance was paid, so I’m surprised that they won’t do this).

      For a past house I had both the taxes and insurance included and never had a
      problem. But the mortgage company I used “sold” our mortgage to another
      company. I guess this is common, and I ended up having 3 different mortgage
      companies over the 3 years I owned the house.

      Although I never had a problem, I
      can see that it would be conceivable that paperwork would get lost through all
      these changes and something might not get paid on time.

      Good luck in finding your new home.

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