Butterfingers Pudding Mix in a Mug

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      Is there a mistake in the recipe for the Butterfingers Pudding Mix? It says to add “cold mix” to the dry ingredients. Should that be cold milk instead? Has anyone made this mix? It sounds deliciously decadent!

      I’m going to make several of the mug mixes for little gifts this year. Anybody have other comments on any of them I should know about?

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      :dash1::dash1:I’m bumping this hoping someone has the answer to my question, ’cause I really want to try this recipe in a ug as a gift.

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      My best guess would be that it should say “milk”.

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      Thanks! That was my guess, too, and I am going to try it that way. I’ll have to make a mug for me – I love Butterfingers if they’re really fresh!

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