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      I had several cans of refried beans left from somethins–I never use them at home, preferring to make my own. Anyway, I also had about 20 tortillas left over and an open jar of home made salsa. I used 2 cans of the beans, shredded some cheese and in about 20 minutes made 14 burritos to put in freezer for less than $2 total cost. Pull those out, add a salad and a dirt cheap dinner.

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      I love the way you used up what you had… Especially making a freezer convenience meal out of them!
      Thanks for sharing!

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      This is what I love to do. Just use what I have and make a new meal out of it. Good job!

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      Sounds great but the concept of “leftover tortillas” is foreign to me. We eat them up pretty fast.

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      Actually, we do too. What I had was 5 or 6 left from a batch I had made the day before when we thought our daughter and family were coming to dinner. They couldn’t make it, so I had leftover tortillas. I usually make about 60 and freeze in packages of 10.

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