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      A few Woodsies and a little imagination turn into this simple Bunny Pin–a cute Easter gift for kids to make for their friends.

      What you’ll need:
      1 large round Woodsies
      2 medium teardrop Woodsies
      2 small teardrop Woodsies
      1 (1/4″) pink Pom poms
      2 (10 MM) Wiggle eyes
      Tacky glue
      White craft paint
      Pink craft paint
      Red thin line “Painters” paint markers or permanent marker
      Jewelry pin back
      How to make it:
      Paint the round Woodsies white.
      Paint the 2 medium teardrop Woodsies white.
      Paint the 2 small teardrop Woodsies pink.
      Let all pieces dry.
      Glue the Woodsies pieces together as shown in the photograph.
      Glue the eyes and pom pom nose on the round Woodsies as shown in the photograph.
      Use the red paint marker or permanent marker to draw on the eyebrows and mouth.
      Let glue dry.
      Glue the jewelry pin back to the back of the round Woodsies.
      Wear and enjoy!

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