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      My mom used to make this for us to eat on Easter. It’s a very simple to make but cute cake.

      Make 2 8″ round cakes. Cut an oval shape from opposite sides of one of the cakes. They should look kind of like this (). These will be the ears. The remaining part of the cake will look kind of like this )(. The round cake is the face. Make a covered board to place the cake on. Position the ears as you like. The cake that looks like this )( is the bow tie. Position it under the bunny’s “chin”. Now you can frost and decorate as you like. Licorice whips make great whiskers. Black(or pink if it a white rabbit) jelly beans make suitable eyes. If you want your rabbit furrier, you can use coconut sprinkled over the frosting to make it more realistic(LOL).

      My mom also tinted coconut green and sprinkled around the cake on the board and threw some jelly beans in there too to make it look like the Easter Bunny had been hiding eggs.

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