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      My son is age 10,he is a special needs child as well as a legally

      disabled child. As long as i can remember he has been picked

      on/called names/even beat up by his peers.When we first moved in this

      apartment complex he was just trying to make friends and got beaten

      up by about 10 boys.ALthough this was taken care of by the apartments

      managers,the kids now either avoid him,ignor him or just say

      something to him when he has a new toy their interrested in.Then blow

      him off after breaking his toys.Recently we were at the public

      pool,and my son saw this boy who was clearly younger then him,and

      smaller in height as well,I assumedthat my s on knew him,cuz he went

      over to him,the kid was sitting with his feet in the pool and my son

      pushed him in.I thought ok everything is fine they will

      play,well,they both got out of the pool and the little boy punched

      him in the stomach! My son doesn’t know how to defend his self of

      fight. He came over to me upset,and couldn’t understand why the kid

      punched him.I told him that he probably didn’t like that you pushed

      him in the pool.My son has very bad social skills,and has a hard time

      making friends,and he doesn’t read social cues well either,so my son

      said I only wanted to play with him. I then told him it wouldn’t be

      the best thing for you to play with him right now and that you need

      to stay away from him. For the rest of that day that little kid kept

      looking to start something with my son,he followed him everywhere. So

      I finally had it,and wwent over to that little boy.I told him why do

      you keep following my son,he said well he freaking pushed me in the

      pool! I was shocked at the language he used,and told him well I saw

      that,I also saw that you got a shot at my son,so I think you guys are

      way more then even and I want you to leave him alone now,and I will

      tell himthe same thing,and while he was looking I told my son to

      leave the boy alone. That was that. But my thing is what if I wasn’t

      there??? Its the same where ever he goes.We were both going to VBC

      and we rode the church bus,there were 3 other boys on the bus

      too,they seemed to like my son and got along fine.The 2nd day I

      couldnt make it but sent my son not thinking anything would

      happen,but he came home quite upset,telling me they picked on him and

      started to call him bad names and he didn’t want to go back.I fell

      like my son has the words”PICK ON ME” on his forehead. I dont know

      what to do because I’m not going to be there all his life to protect

      him these kids all his life. In August he is going to Middle

      school,and most of the kids who bullied him will ride the school

      bus,he won’t be riding everyday but there will be days where he will

      have to ride,I know these kids will pick on him and I dont know what

      to do about it. I already meationed it to the principal and she said

      we’ll deal with it when it happens.Bad thing is though,because my son

      is already labled by the school system and the other kids he almost

      always gets the blame,sometimes not even asking him or litening to

      both sides! This is why my son doesnt speak up or tell anyone becaus

      ehe says they dont listen to him. What do I do? Why do kids even

      bully in the first place? I know here the boys have a “follow me

      complex,if one does it they all jump in” I feel really bad for my son

      because he so much wants to belong and fit in,and the kids pick on

      him because he is diffrent. Any advice at all? Do you guy know of any

      reading material/books exctra that may help? I know this must be

      effecting my son and I want to encourage him,especially his self

      esteem.Have any of you delt with this at all?What did you do??

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