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      Only thing I can suggest is when your son is not around – talk to the

      boys that live by you. Tell them matter of factly that your son is

      disabled and that while you do NOT expect them to be his friends and

      hang out with him you WOULD appreciate it if they would NOT make his

      life any harder by calling him names or hitting him and you worry about

      him at school and on the bus and if they’d keep a look out when they

      are around and not let anyone else hurt him you’d sure appreciate it.

      Be sure to mention that you don’t expect them to babysit but hey, man

      if you see someone going to punch him, please get him some help. Then

      give them an ice cream or candy bar for listening to you.

      Maybe, just maybe, they’ll then feel a little responsible and back

      off. If they do come and tell you – such and such happened today or I

      stopped a kid from hitting him, etc be SURE to reward them with a candy

      bar or something.

      Sounds terrible, I know, but kids respond to rewards and they can then

      tell their friends “I’m not a softie, I just wanted the candy bar”

      Might see if any other disabled boys live around and maybe have play

      times with them so your son doesn’t feel so left out of things.


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