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      Hi, “Mem68”

      My son went through similar problems at the public school. We

      volunteered for everything, explained about how adoption is just another way

      to form a family, tried to educate the teachers & principal about children

      coming from Third World Orphanages, etc. Unfortunately, we decided we could

      no longer support the public school system & pulled him out to place in the

      local university’s college school.

      However, both my husband & I started going out of our way to meet

      school personnel at various lectures we would attend to educate ourselves on

      adoption issues, adHd, various ways of learning, and though the number was

      small who attended, we learned how very much the public school teachers need

      to become more informed about social issues between children. We also had a

      few pros at the school who had attended university with our older birth


      (I haven’t read any other messages from you on this subject because

      I just switched to individual emails.)

      Hope it all is working out for you. Do you belong to adoption

      groups online?

      ~ Rustey

      Mom to Zach – B.5/88 – A. 2/91 Arad, Romania

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      My son had gone to this school K-liking 9 weeks to make thru the 4th grade.

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