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      My son had gone to this school K-liking 9 weeks to make thru the 4th grade.

      I had volunteered for everything, the Book FAir,PTO,plays, cut out papers

      for the teachers, photocopied for the teachers,donated cookies at odd times

      and not just holidays, I was exceptionaly proud of my school. But then we

      got a new principal who had gonne to school w/ my 43 yo daughter. My son is

      adopted and had never had problems w/ anyone. But when this happened-he and

      I did not have a friend at this school!Job scared???Who knows.?I feel that

      “one door closed and a better one closed” and go on.

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      > himself. That is a sighn that he knows they should not be treating

      > him that way and he sees himself as beeing worth good tratment. Way

      > to go. I also would like to point out that you got your son int

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