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      > Are you able to home school him? My son is 10 1/2 yo and

      small,smart,polite,enthusitic,makes friends easily,has been bullied

      from preschool.I have had him in counseling for 4 years on how to

      deal w/ bullies. Then he decicded he would fight back and the sh–

      hit the fan!!He was called to the principal’s office,I was called to

      the school.When I got there I was sent to a room where his

      teacher,principal,special education teacher , and mental health

      personell were waiting. They decided in front of me (who was in shock)

      that they would do a log on my son-if he got along w/ females or

      males,what day did he get upset, what time of the day did he get


      > I took him home and did not let him return to school.I called in

      sick for him. After 2 days the principal called me that she was

      wondering about him being out sick?(She has 500 kids and she is

      concerned about my one??)

      > I got him into a private school,close to our home,has 57

      children,goes from kindergarden to 12 grade,christian school.I should

      have done this 2-3 grades before.

      > He needs to be challenged in his studies daily.

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      > this type of thing went on for while at my sons elementry school

      (where he got blamed for everything and where the other kids didnt

      even get a phone call or note sent home,I


      This happened to me when i was young and I applaud you for getting

      your son out of there. Beeing tormented at school like that has a

      LONG lasting effect. You want to believe in the best of the school

      and their personel unfortianatley we really cant as much as we would


      I would also like to say good for your son for standing up for

      himself. That is a sighn that he knows they should not be treating

      him that way and he sees himself as beeing worth good tratment. Way

      to go. I also would like to point out that you got your son int o

      counseling and didnt think twice about it, ya never know maby you

      saved your son. Kids are comitting suicide younger and younger theese

      days and people wonder why.

      I wouldnt be surprised if after your son grows up and has a family of

      his own if he turns to you out of the blue and says thank you, I


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