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      >My son is 10, too. He’s in a class with small number of students as

      special class because he cannot sit still. He gets bored easily, also

      he is stubborn. In his school lately he is always caught doing bad

      things but the truth is, his classmates always started it, but he is

      the one being punished. I feel like one more strike he’s out of the

      school. The boy punched him in the stomach in the playground and call

      him black (He have a dark skin (father is puerto rican, mom is asian

      (Phils.)To retaliate he call him “F” word, and give him the middle

      finger. So, principal/teacher wrote us a letter of what my son did,

      but not the other boy. I’m thinking of sending my son to my daughter

      in the air force just to get him out of trouble. Please advise. Thank you.



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      > Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2008 2:12:38 PM

      > Subject: : Bullying continues(long)



      > My son is age 10,he is a special needs child as well as a legally

      > disabled child. As long as i can remember he has been picked

      > on/called names/even beat up by his peers.


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