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      I bought a 2 pound bag 5-6 years ago of yeast. I store it in an air tight tupperware contianer and leave it in the fridge. The secret to using, take out what you need and let it warm up to room temps before adding to water.

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      On 8/6/08, sandy miller[/b] <smiller_12000@yahoo.com> wrote:

      On your cornmeal,I would put it in the freezer or at least in the fridge.I have found that no matter how tite the lid the critters still get in there and short of putting a plastic bag in first then putting on the lid then covering the entire thing again with a plastic baggy it is just better to store in the freezer.Not sure about the yeast but hubbys mom told me to never freeze yeast and to store in fridge but make sure to use before expiration date.If any of you all have different idas with tried and true methods please advise me as well.Oh and greetings from Missouri(the Ozarks)


      maryhelen720 <maryhelen720@yahoo.com> wrote:

      Greeting from SW Arkansas; I've been diagnosed with cancer; the
      treatments have really put restrictions on my shopping abilities. I
      said all that to tell you this. I'm starting to buy at the Sam's Club

      in Texarkana; I bought 2 lbs of yeast for a really good price. Now can
      someone tell me how to keep it fresh? I found a good buy on corn meal
      in a plastic 3 lb, tub with a screw on lid. Do I need to put it in the

      freezer or will it stay bug free in the tub? Thanks in advance for your

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