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      I also buy my yeast at Costco in a bulk bag. I fill an old jar of

      yeast that I bought at the grocery store for my all the time use, and I

      keep the rest of the yeast in the freezer. In the past, I found that

      if if you keep the yeast too long just in the cupboard, it loses it’s

      potency. The freezer preserves it from deteriorating. Just remember

      to let it warm to room temp before tryinng to use it.

      I also keep my cornmeal in the freezer. IT will get inhabitants

      quickly if you don’t!

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “maryhelen720”



      > Greeting from SW Arkansas; I’ve been diagnosed with cancer; the

      > treatments have really put restrictions on my shopping abilities. I

      > said all that to tell you this. I’m starting to buy at the Sam’s Club

      > in Texarkana; I bought 2 lbs of yeast for a really good price. Now


      > someone tell me how to keep it fresh? I found a good buy on corn meal

      > in a plastic 3 lb, tub with a screw on lid. Do I need to put it in


      > freezer or will it stay bug free in the tub? Thanks in advance for


      > help.


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