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      I put my yeast (opened bag or new) into a ziploc bag and keep in on a cool shelf (I live in a fairly cool, dry area). It stays good for a couple years. I used to keep it in my fridge when I lived in a hot area.

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      Subject: Budget101.com : Bulk food buying
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      Date: Wednesday, August 6, 2008, 6:07 AM

      Greeting from SW Arkansas; I’ve been diagnosed with cancer; the

      treatments have really put restrictions on my shopping abilities. I

      said all that to tell you this. I’m starting to buy at the Sam’s Club

      in Texarkana; I bought 2 lbs of yeast for a really good price. Now can

      someone tell me how to keep it fresh? I found a good buy on corn meal

      in a plastic 3 lb, tub with a screw on lid. Do I need to put it in the

      freezer or will it stay bug free in the tub? Thanks in advance for your


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