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      For the yeast, it should be stored in the fridge, not freezer. For the corn meal, throw in 4-5 dried bay leaves and you can leave it out in that container. Bay leaves repel insects and spiders. Ever since I started using them 4 years ago (in flours, corn meal, etc. but also just laying on the shelves of cabinets) I have not seen bugs of any sort anywhere near or around food. HTH


      maryhelen720 <maryhelen720@yahoo.com> wrote:

      I bought 2 lbs of yeast for a really good price. Now can
      someone tell me how to keep it fresh? I found a good buy on corn meal
      in a plastic 3 lb, tub with a screw on lid. Do I need to put it in the
      freezer or will it stay bug free in the tub?

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