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      Store it in ziplock bags and freeze it. I do it all the time. When your flour container is empty, just take out a ziplock, sit it out so that it gets to room temperature and then it's ready to use.

      Right now I have about 20 pounds in my deep freezer.


      On Jan 11, 2008 2:05 PM, Annie De <annie_de@yahoo.com> wrote:

      The rise in bread prices has floored us recently. The cheapest we can
      find is $2 a loaf, and that's for the highly-proccessed, white stuff
      that I can't stand to put in my body. I know many swear by the bread
      outlet stores but our local store is filled with overly stale bread
      that falls apart the moment you try to do anything with it.

      So, being home all day, I decided to start baking our own bread. I'd
      rather invest the time in making bread where I know what all of the
      ingredients are. After much experimentation, I found a bread recipe
      that we like and is easy to make.

      I want to buy flour in bulk from Costco (20 lb bags) to cut down on
      costs. The question is, how can I store it so bugs can't get into it
      but not be intrusive? I don't have a lot of storage or closets in my
      house to hide a container and with 2 inqusitive kids, I have to keep it

      Any ideas?


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