Bulk Flour Storage

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      What about 5 gallon buckets with lids? I don’t know if they are as

      air tight as tupperwear style containers, but certainly much larger

      and easier to store.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Annie De” wrote:


      > The rise in bread prices has floored us recently. The cheapest we


      > find is $2 a loaf, and that’s for the highly-proccessed, white


      > that I can’t stand to put in my body. I know many swear by the


      > outlet stores but our local store is filled with overly stale


      > that falls apart the moment you try to do anything with it.


      > So, being home all day, I decided to start baking our own bread.


      > rather invest the time in making bread where I know what all of


      > ingredients are. After much experimentation, I found a bread


      > that we like and is easy to make.


      > I want to buy flour in bulk from Costco (20 lb bags) to cut down


      > costs. The question is, how can I store it so bugs can’t get into


      > but not be intrusive? I don’t have a lot of storage or closets in


      > house to hide a container and with 2 inqusitive kids, I have to

      keep it

      > secure. Any ideas?


      > Anne

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