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      I also freeze my flour in baggies and write on it what is in there.I also freeze my extra baking soda,baking powder,sugar,powdered sugar and brown sugar in baggies.I had heard you could also use 5 gallon buckets but was afraid of the buckets getting bugs in them.I have found these posts very interesting.I still buy some breaD for quick ease but do make breads,rolls,cinnamon rolls,homemade scratch cakes and cookies,scratch pancakes and so on.My family loves the extra work I go to and hubby prefers my scratch cakes over boxed cakes.When I make cookies,I make 3x the recipe and put the extra in freezer bags and into the freezer.I do not buy already made cookies as a rule unless there is a great sale on Oreos(My fav).I also make extra pancakes when I make my scratch pancakes and put wax paper in between each cake until I have a bag full then bag that up.I try to make 2-3 days worth and then stick that in the freezer.Makes for a very quick and easy

      russellhome wrote: You can freeze flour in ziplock bags. Also, you might consider
      purchasing 5 gallon buckets. You can purchase a lid called a “gamma
      lid” that is air tight and has a screw on/off feature.

      Hae you considered just buying wheat and a mill and grinding your own

      The longer it sits already ground, the less nutrients it has.

      If you need help finding a gamma lid or bucket, I have a friend here
      locally from whom we buy our wheat and she does ship products,

      including the gamma lids, but I am not sure of the details. Her email
      is: edie@wildblue.net.

      Enjoy your bread! I am sure it is delicious!
      Malia Russell

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