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      This is my first attempt to include a picture with my post hope it appears.
      last year I started working on a light weight portable camp kitchen with a working sink and water attachment.

      DIY Camp Kitchen
      During the winter I had a chance to tweak it for my own personal needs. I had every thing I needed to create this project in my garage except for about 15.00 worth of plumbing parts i found at my local home depot.

      The sinks themselves  are plastic wash bins from a dollar store I removed the drain from a sink that I removed from a kitchen remodel last year. I cut  a circle out of the bottom of one bin and attached the drain and put a tub strainer over it.

      Then I ran the plumbing parts to reduce the drain to fit a garden hose so I could put the end of the hose in a collapsible five gallon jug to catch the grey water when necessary (state parks etc.) the other bin can be used as a Soaker sink or empty to hold the dishes as they dry.

      The faucet is a spray hose attachment that I converted to adapt to except a garden hose for the water. It pulls out about 5 feet.

      The last mod I did to it was add the eye bolts so i can stake it down to the ground to avoid anything or wind from tipping it over. I added the towel rack with hooks and it also now has a swing out aluminum (old tent pole) arm that will support a lantern for night time washing.

      As you can see it folds down nice and flat for transport and storage.


      homemade camping kitchen with working sink
      by Vik-king


      Unfortunately the tubs do not fit between the shelves when it is collapsed but  they pull right out they did nestle inside one another.

      All the other hardware sits in the tubs  the drain assembly the sprayer and hose and all the little hooks etc all fits nice and compact i even keep 3 small pump bottles with it the kind that the hand soap comes in.

      I keep one with dish soap one with hand soap and one with hand sanitize a sponge and scrubber a small dish towel and a dish rag

      I forgot to mention the green food tray Velcro’s right to the top shelf when you pull out the right side tub so you can use it to do food prep cutting etc. but you could also just use a plastic cutting board that would sit over the hole.

      I also put Velcro on the bottom of the 2 small white baskets one holds the sponges and scrubber and the other has the soap pump bottles they all remove for transport/storage. One of the reasons I built this unit myself and didn’t buy one is I was able to have the right height for standing in front of it and using it with out bending over to wash or prepare food I am 6’3″ and most of the units I have seen don’t sit high enough for me to work comfortably on.

      If you are tall or short you can cut  one set of the shelf support tubes to the right height for an exact fit. Plus having the 2 extra shelf’s built in lets me put the pots and pans on the the unit ready to use, instead of having to go back and forth to the pots and pans storage compartment in the pup.( we do all our cooking out side).

      I have used it 2 times allready and is worth all the time designing it and building it . It really makes my life easier. Takes less then 10 minutes to assemble or disassemble If you are going to build one and want any direction or pointers please feel free to message me always happy to help a fellow camper. I didn’t put it on a scale but I have to say the entire thing must weigh less then 15lbs so anyone can handle it and doesn’t add large weight to your rig.


      Made a few mods to the sink and took a whole bunch of pictures during the renovation. I added a swing arm faucet so you dont have to wash your hands one at a time under the sprayer.


      Also added a lantern arm/holder and or mounts for  flashlights over the sink for night time washing, I will upload all of the pictures and try to put together a basic set of instructions but most of the pictures will help quite a bit.



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