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      Welcome to our Budget101.com Countdown to Christmas Challenge Day #4– Each day we’ll be bringing you a new challenge question and giving you the opportunity to win one (or all!) of our fantastic Giveaway Goodies.

      Challenge Question of the Day:

      we love Gag Gifts! whether they’re called gag gifts, yankee swaps, white elephant gifts, chinese auctions, etc- it’s all about the novelty! share your favorite gag gift idea or gag gift story to be automatically entered into our next goodie giveaway!

      here’s how to play:

      1. Reply to this thread and answer the Budget101 Challenge Question listed Above
      2. 1 Lucky Recipient will be randomly selected from all qualifying entries
      3. To Save time, make sure your address is filled out in your User Control Panel

      today’s giveaway goodie is: A Soda Stream myo soda/pop/carbonated beverages for a fraction of the price!
      Read More about Budget101 Challenges and how they work here!

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      Two of my favorites are the Redneck Wine Glass which is made with a mason jar and a glass candle holder glued together, you add a nice ribbon and card to it if you’re giving it as a gift and my second favorite homemade gag gift idea is the “Go ask your Mother Button” It’s a little button like the “easy” button that the office supply store uses except that it says, “GO Ask your Mother” about 10 different ways. My other half LOVES it and uses it whenever the kids ask him questions.

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      I’m not sure whether or not I can even share this idea, but I guess since I’m still being moderated the mods can delete it if it doesn’t meet the sites guidelines! Last year I made funny wiener cleaner soaps to sell at the craft fairs. You just use melt and pour glycerin soap base, add sparkles or whatever scents you want using essential oils and then pour the soap into donut pans (the baking kind).

      Then you add a handmade tag that says “Generic Wiener Cleaner”, one size fits most. You can use the mini donut pan too! Add a little note on the card that says if the wiener cleaner gets stuck soak in COLD water to remove.

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      My daughter made me a cute gag gift one year, she made a homemade coffee mug out of clay and then “squeezed” it right before it was baked in the kiln. She paint, “I flunked Anger Management” on it and added fake “cracks” in the glass. It was the best homemade present I ever received even though it was meant as a gag gift because I had gotten mad and thrown my coffee mug at the wall at work.

      HAHAHA, I really did have to take an anger management class so I didn’t lose my job.

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      We had a White Elephant Exchange at work and a guy that is really serious and quiet reserved ended up with a naughty nurse Halloween costume. It was hilarious, one of the most fun gag exchanges I had ever been in. (oh and he took it all in stride as best as he could) 🙂

      Winning a soda stream would make my Christmas quite merry! I been wanting one for sometime, but tell myself “I don’t really NEED it”

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      I don’t know if it’s the best, but it is the most memorable: last Christmas, we had a gag exchange. The gift I received was from my sis-in-law. She purchased the largest size of nylon “granny panties” she could find.

      Then, she mixed melted chocolate with a little red food dye to make the panties appear used. Definitely gonna remember it for years to come.

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      The only prank gift I ever gave was a gizmo to put inside the toilet paper roll. When it was unrolled, it played a tune. The one I chose was the “Happy Birthday” song, but there is a recordable one available at Amazon, called “Talking TP”.

      It took my friend a while to figure out where the sound came from!

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      The Potty-Pourri Bottles I made last year from the site were a big hit at our Chinese Auction. (I dont know how to link to it, but its right on the gag gifts page on Budget101)

      My sister is always worried about her weight even though she’s just a bean pole so I made her a belt out of a measuring tape and when it’s tightened and worn correctly you can see exactly what her waist measurement is. I used a fabric measuring tape and an old belt buckle that I remvoed from one of my husbands belts he doesn’t ever wear.

      Disclaimer- don’t read the next one if you’re easily offended! Adults Only!

      There was very Naughty gift that was passed around, It was a tube of Superglue with a tag on it that said, “Virginity Restoring Cream” by Vagisealed Shut Corp. It was crude, but really Funny at the same time.

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      My grandmother played bingo with some very crafty ladies. One year for Christmas one made her a lovely purple sweatshirt with a very long, scratchy, crocheted collar. That sweatshirt made the rounds for birthdays, Christmases or any other appropriate occasion between grandma, mom, my aunt and myself.

      Now that there is only my aunt and I left, we are passing it on to cousins with the story of the purple sweatshirt.

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      Ok not quite sure if you are looking for a gag gift I received or one I gave but I did give a gag gift to someone.

      This is about one I gave to someone.

      She was having a bad day at work and at home and it isn’t a normal thing to give something to someone you work with but I wanted to make her feel better.

      I work at a retail store and there is this one section that has $1 items and I found a little pot that had daisy seeds in it.

      I told her I was giving her a bouquet of flowers. Some assembly required.

      She perked right up and it made her day.

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      gag gifts. hmm. how about filling an old bottle of (or making a fake label) and filling it with exlax.

      Oh, I saw a coffee cup one time where the handle was on the inside of the cup, that was one of my favorites.

      Also thought I’d point out a note to people. A soda stream is not cost effective as it stands. The syrups and co2 cylinders are costly when you do the math.

      $15 sodastream cr2 cylinder makes 60 liters(30 2liter bottles). thats $.50 per 2 liter bottle.
      $5 cola flavoring makes 12 liters( 6 – 2liter bottles) $.83 per 2 liter bottle.

      total cost per 2 liter $1.33
      cost per 2 liter generic store brand soda $.89-$1.00
      Sodastream savings: ZERO you are spending more money, and thats not even counting the cost of the machine.

      Now what would I do with a soda stream? well first I’d experiment with my own syrups, and second I’d hack the machine so it can use a regular co2 tank making the cost closer to around $.02 per 2 liter for the co2, so at that point even 83cents a 2 liter for flavoring is cost effective.

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      Mine was a Ornament Vase – Crocheted tiny little circle, took the sides up so the ornament could sit upright – took 1 minute to make, and in horrible gaudy colors (fun way to use scraps and get back at someone) 🙂

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      Being a photographer, I always had those little film canisters lying around and never knew what to do with them until my friend “showed” me.

      He asked for some of my empty ones, so I gladly gave him a bag full (I was happy to be rid of them!). Christmas rolled around, and everyone’s stocking was hung neatly awaiting Santa’s arrival.

      When I went through the goodies in my stocking on Christmas morning…..there was a black film canister! I had no idea WHY he would have put that in there, but when I turned the canister around, it had a label on it that said “Stool Sample”!!! Well, I was scared to death to open this thing….but I did.

      Inside was the cutest little hand made wooden 3 legged stool! It was precious…and it sure kept the conversation hopping for quite awhile afterwards!

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      My best ‘gag’ gift was last year at work, we were having a Christmas party with a white elephant exchange. I was told I had to keep it clean…for weeks they told me I had to keep it clean. (not sure what they thought about me…) LOL!.

      so I bought dawn dish detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, colorax wipes, pledge and a stack of microfiber rags I bought at Sams club. my gift was never stolen. 🙁 I thought it was funny.

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      My best gag gift was a mug. It had an old ladys face and her nose was used to seperate eggs. Looked like her nose was running when you used it as egg whites came out.

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      My favorite gift, came as a result of an over-active egg laying cockatiel, w/no mate…cockatiel eggs in abundance!! Buy or make a simple nest of grasses, twigs & moss, add 3-5 cockatiel (or any other small variety of eggs) sprayed gold or with a few coats of glue & glitter, add the following Folk legends:
      folk legends depict the first christmas as a magical time when allof nature celebrated wondrous events. stars fell from the heavens, ordinaryweeds became beautiful blossoms, and animals and birds received the gift ofspeech.

      legends claim that all the animals gathered at the manger to celebratethe birth of the christ child.

      a barnyard bird, the rooster, is credited with waking the animalkingdom to invite them to the celebration in the stable. awakened by theunexpected midnight crowing of the rooster, birds left their nests to spreadthe news to all parts of the world.

      the nativity night is the only time inhistory when the rooster crowed at midnight, according to legends. in spain andlatin america, the traditional christmas eve mass held at midnight is named themass of the rooster, to honor this legend.

      from eagles to emus, herons to hummingbirds, and parrots topeacocks, birds of rainbow-colored feathers flocked together to worship at themanger. nativity art pictures a variety of birds gathered in the stable,differing from culture to culture.

      the dove, recognized as the universal symbolof peace and love, is the most typically associated with christ’s birth.according to many legends, the dove made multiple appearances in christ’s life.it first appeared in a dream to mary’s parents before her birth to tell them ofthe important role she would play in religious history. a dove perched onjoseph’s staff as a sign that mary was to become his wife, so say ancientlegends.

      at the nativity, it was the soft, cooing lullaby of the doves thatsoothed the new baby to sleep.

      possibly their song was the first christmascarol.

      when the infant jesus was taken to the temple to receive the ritualblessings, joseph brought two white doves as an offering to the priests, aninteresting connection to the two turtledoves in the “twelve days ofchristmas.” later in christ’s life, doves appeared at his baptism andresurrection, symbols that his life was truly one of love and peace.

      watch birds are special friends of santa.

      beautiful songbirds ofmany varieties, they report to santa about the behavior of children in theirvillages. often seen perched on his shoulder or close to his ear, they whisperthe names of all good children to him. as the name suggests, these birds arecharged with being santa’s “extra eyes” to report our thoughts, words, andactions to santa.

      because we do not know which birds have been chosen tofulfill this role, it is of course in our best interest to be on our bestbehavior.

      clad totally in red from topknot to tail feathers, the cardinal’sred color represents the love of the season. on his wings, he carries gladtidings of christmas wishes and blessings of health and happiness for the newyear.

      like a bright exclamation point against a background of pure white snowand the evergreen of the trees, the cardinal is a beautiful reminder of thetrue reason for the season.

      whether the role of the birds in the nativity is fact or folklore,their stories and traditions add a magical touch to the mystery of christmas.

      according to ancient legends. a nest, shaped in the form of awreath or circle, can also symbolizegod’s eternal love. finding a bird’s nest tucked among thebranches predicts good fortune through the coming year.

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      One year at a “Adult Sunday School” Christmas party, the White Elephant gift I brought ended up being the hit of the party… It was a “Nut Roaster”. I never saw so many church-going people take their minds down the “wrong” road with this gift, and have a blast at the same time…

      Our pastor was there, and he wasn’t the only one blushing… lol.

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      I once made naked sock dolls wrapped in towels to hide their privates, but when you sneak a peek under the towels, they were anatomically correct. They got lots of giggles. purr smilie

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      giveCongratulations to Dollbaby1, our randomly chosen goodie giveaway lucky recipient!

      stay tuned for our final countdown question for your chance to play again! we hope you enjoy your Soda Stream !

      Mad Santa Smilie

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      The best gag gift I have heard of was a wrapped Snickers bar with the note: Don’t ‘snicker’ at least you got something!

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