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      I feel the way you do. I’ve made a conscious effort to have our own traditions

      in my immediate family…my husband and 3 daughters. Our early Christmases were

      spent elsewhere and we would be gone from early morning till late at night. We

      still do the same visiting as we have always done, but we don’t leave the house

      until around 1pm. The morning is our’s.

      My kids open their stockings the day after Christmas. We started that right from

      the beginning because my husband is from Britain and they celebrate Boxing Day

      on Dec. 26. By doing this, we are able to acknowledge our British heritage.


      also helps with post Christmas letdown. The girls get so much on the holiday.

      This puts a little something off till the next day. They don’t get much in their

      stockings…small gifts and maybe candy, personal items, etc. But they enjoy

      them all.

      My side of the family all get together on New Year’s day instead of Christmas

      like we used to. Christmas is hard. Some, especially the brothers, tend to go to

      their inlaws on Christmas. We have a pollyanna for the children and a potluck.

      My dad’s side of the family has a big get together at a hall the first Sunday of

      every December. There are 7 families on my dad’s side we take turns each year

      planning and running the party. This is our year and I think it marks 26 years

      since this tradition began.

      Thanksgiving is just us. I cook a turkey dinner. Some years we’ve gone the high

      school football game or we just stay home watching parades. My middle daughter

      is a varsity cheerleader this year so we will all definitely be at the game,

      that should be fun.

      I love the holidays even with all its stress and expense. And its only 4 1/2

      months away!!

      Donna NJ


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      For Christmas Eve, we drive around to see Christmas Lights, and drink

      hot cocoa afterwards while watching a Christmas movie of some sorts.

      After that, the kids are each allowed to open 1 present, then off to


      Christmas morning is always a struggle, because we usually have to get

      the kids up, presents open, and get over to a relatives house. I expect

      this year to be even tougher, now that we’ll have to drive over an hour

      to get there. Anyway, to make it easier last year, we started a new

      tradition- the kids can open the Santa gifts in the morning, then we go

      to the relatives Christmas, then when we get home, we open the gifts

      from each other. It makes it far less chaotic come Christmas morning,

      and the kids have a lot more time to enjoy themselves and their gifts

      if they don’t feel rushed from present to present.

      One long standing tradition that stared when I was little, is that the

      kids are allowed to get into their stockings on Christmas morning as

      soon as they wake up, even if no one else is up yet. They have to wait

      to do presents until we’re up.

      Hmm… we set up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend, and

      decorate the house then, so that it’s up for quite a while, there’s

      another tradition.

      Our old tradition always involved being with my family on Christmas

      Day. My husband’s family is not nearly as big on Christmas being ON

      Christmas as mine was. When my Grandma died, though, that tradition

      died as well, though to be honest, we wouldn’t have done it that year

      even if she hadn’t died, because they had decided to spend Christmas in

      Florida that year. Anyway, for the past 2 years, that’s meant Christmas

      with Nick’s family on Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve in the morning,

      we go to my dad’s house, then up north to my Mom’s, then drive home, do

      the Christmas movie/lights/cocoa/present thing… but that’ll change

      this year, too, since Nick no longer gets Christmas Eve off unless he

      takes it off ahead of time. Before, at the college, he would get

      Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day off, because the college was shut


      With my family, Christmas dinner was a traditional dinner- turkey, ham,

      potatoes, etc, etc, huge meal, usually served at around 1pm, with

      presents for everyone afterwards.

      With Nick’s family, they do breakfast crapes (which I don’t like), and

      last year, I added in muffins and cinnamon rolls to the mix, to give

      myself something to eat. We made our own ham up later that afternoon

      for our own Christmas dinner at home, just the 5 of us.

      I guess I’d have to say that over the past 2 years, our traditions have

      changed a lot, and are becoming more centered on us 5, rather than what

      everyone in our extended families do.

      We have stopped going anywhere for Thanksgiving now, and just

      concentrate on having our own dinner at home. No rushing out the door,

      no dressing up, we get up and start the turkey, the kids watch the

      parade, the food gets eaten at the table with candles lit, then Nick

      watches the football game. SO much more relaxing than in years past.

      Don’t get me wrong, family is a large part of the traditions we have

      now, but they’ve evolved to be more of us and less of worrying about

      the extended family. My grandma was probably the sole reason I insisted

      on driving an hour and a half every Christmas morning (or early

      Christmas Eve) and spending my Christmas day’s down there. But growing

      up, I always could count on 1 thing- Christmas day at Grandma’s. I

      would wake up at my mom or dad’s, open presents, get dropped of at

      Grandmas if I was with dad, or go with Mom, eat, open presents, then go

      off to the other parents house. But you know… while I do recall bits

      and peices of Christmas mornings at other houses, it’s always been

      Christmas day at Grandma’s that I remember best. It’s just not the same

      now, and I’d rather start making my own traditions than to try and do

      something that doesn’t feel the same to me.

      My hope is that in 20 years, it’ll be my kids and grandkids who are

      coming over to my house every year for Christmas Dinner. That’s why

      we’re slowly working it in so that we have holiday dinners at our own


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      > This year I would like to start some family traditions for Christmas.


      > would love to hear from others what some of your ideas are.


      > Mary Moses

      > (https://www.brightminds.us/web/marym)

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