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      Thats a nice idea. We had to stop the brother/sister exchange as the family grew

      and then the niece/nephew gifts stopped except for godchildren. We have a kid’s

      pollyanna each New Years day, and make that our family Christmas get together.

      There was a voluntary adult pollyanna but that kind of died out.

      I only buy a couple of friends gifts. Just token gifts to the friends who have a

      christmas night open house each year. they are like family, anyway. never

      anything expensive.

      ahhh, i can’t believe we are already talking christmas and i’m seeing things in

      stores already. sheesh, we aren’t even back to school yet! things are so rushed

      in retail, makes the holiday feel like its 6 months long.

      donna nj


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      Subject: Budget101.com : Re: How much do you spend on gifts?

      I put an end to gift exchange with friends years ago, it was getting

      to crazy! But I think I’m going to start what my mom suggested.

      Have a friends Christmas gathering dinner. All we really want to do

      is spend time with each other so I plan to start doing this!

      Christmase theme and if you’re to broke to suppy dinner, make it a

      potluck…the important thing is that you are enjoying each others


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      > what I spend usually depends on the person, and whether I have


      > money to spend. In August, I have 1 nephew, and 2 neice birthdays,

      > plus we had a brand new baby born in the middle of July. Anyway,


      > those 4 children, I got:


      > 1 Disney Princess “Perfume” bottle collection, on clearance for

      > $4.99, then marked 50% off that- so $2.49. This is for 1 neice.


      > 2 Wiggles DVD’s from Big Lots for $4.00 each, plus 1 Disney

      > Popscicle maker and a set of Thomas the Train wall stickers both

      > from Dollar Tree for my nephew, so $10 on him.


      > 1 Disney Princess “lava lamp” nightlight on clearance for $2.50 at

      > an outlet shop, and a Bratz mini handheld electronic game on

      > clearance for $5 at the same store for another neice.


      > For the brand new neice, I found an adorable outfit on clearance at

      > Kohls for $2 for summer next year, and a mini-carebear on clearance

      > for $3 at n outlet store.



      > That’s about average for what I spend on kids- around $10 at most.


      > try not to buy cheap stuff, though, just items that are cheaper


      > they normally are. By that, I mean I’m not going to go to Big Lots

      > and grab the toys that fall apart after 1 use, I’d rather spend the

      > money on the stuff that’s made with quality parts and what not. I

      > just make sure to hit clearance racks often.



      > For Christmas this year, I already have 1 blanket for all 3 of my

      > children, made from soft fuzzy material (not fleece, softer, and it

      > doesn’t get yucky like fleece does, can’t think what it’s called),

      > as well as a pre-school “mp3” player. It has this huge cartridge


      > slide into it, and huge headphones- on clearance for $5.80 today.

      > The blankets were each $6 at Big Lots last month. A bit early, but

      > by Christmas, they won’t be there, and I had my pick of colors- red

      > for my son, deep purple for my daughter, and bright pink for my

      > younger daughter. The headset is for her, as well, because she


      > listening to music.


      > For adults, we all have sort of a rule (outside of parents)- don’t

      > buy for me, and I won’t buy for you. None of us can afford it, so


      > most, we exchange cards. With parents, we always get them gifts

      > anyway, and they do the same. But siblings and friends… well, we

      > wish each other well, and focus on being able to pay bills and

      > stuff, instead of finding some cheap item the person won’t want

      > anyway. 😉


      > — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, Ria wrote:

      > >

      > > What do you typically spend a year on gifts, for how

      > > many people, occasions, etc….and what is that in

      > > relation to your income (percentage of)?

      > >

      > >

      > >

      > >

      > >

      > >



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