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      hummm, coupon trading. lol that is a whole ball o’ wax! there are several
      ways to do it.

      i do many of them myself. here are some ideas.

      – join a coupon train. i am on one and it is great, each week i mail out an
      envelope full of the coupons i don’t use to someone and then from someone else
      on the same train i receive an envelope of coupons they can’t use. i take what
      i want out of it, then can forward the coupons on the next week with the ones
      from the paper i don’t use.

      just remember to not include the expired coupons in
      the train.

      – i ship the expired coupons to a friend of mine in the army in germany. in the
      foreign commisaries / px’s they let them use the coupons up to 6 months after
      the expiration date. coupons being tossed in the trash around here is a huge

      i know there is a website somewhere that you can go to for someone to
      send your expired coupons to, but i don’t have the url. anyone?

      – i get the sunday newspaper. around here there are tons of coupons flyers in
      it and i clip every coupon from it. i forward on the ones i don’t use, the
      others go in my binder.

      – i purchase woman’s day and family circle. not only do i get great tips and
      ideas as well as articles and such, but they usually have a handful of coupons
      in them.

      – let all family and friends know you are collecting coupons. they will save
      them for you. it’s great.

      – i have purchased time from ebay. i say time because it is illegal to sell
      coupons. what happens is this, people will clip the coupons and put them in an
      envelope and then offer the coupons up on ebay for the price of the time it took
      them to clip them.

      i biggest coup was 1800 + coupons for 7.00. That bundle
      saved me 57.20 at the grocery store on a 98.99 bill.

      – there are websites too: https://www.valpak.com

      Just a few of the ideas you can use….

      Hugs and happy hunting…

      Emily Y.

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      Can someone tell me how to get started in coupon trading? Is this something
      that you do just amongst friends or are there sites for this? Any


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