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      First of all, Elizabeth, if he has sexually molested his son and you have

      proof, then the law can help. Make sure that he is checked by professional

      that knows what to look for in that case. That can pull a lot of weight.

      As someone else has mentioned, check with an attorney and it does not cost

      to consult, but if he does anything, then it will.

      If your daughter feels comfortable going to the press over the child’s

      molestation part, then by all means do so. This is a traumatizing

      experience and I know first hand what it can do. That is so young to have

      your dad molest you. At least I was older.

      Also, again as someone else has already stated, make sure that the school

      knows what is going on with your son-in-law. They can and will protect the

      child especially if that is the case. You can get a restraining order no

      matter how long you are in a state if you are fearful of your life and you

      know what will happen.

      She could probably get a high-profile attorney if she went to the press, but

      it could traumatize your grandson more. The military cannot do anythng if

      they are not on the base when this takes place. They are restricted to only

      what happens on their property and the local county that they were in is

      responsible for the other.

      If she had the money, she could hire an investigator to prove where the

      money went, and then the courts can make him give her part of what is

      legally hers. Until she goes to court, then nothing can be charged to her

      because she has done nothing other than flee for her life, but I would get

      it on record with a restraining order and checking with an attorney.

      I will be praying for her and the rest of the family and believe me that

      little boy is going to need counseling to help him with this. That would

      help her case also, and usually she can get help for free or close to

      nothing at a county clinic for something such as this, but do it and do it



      Beth E.

      On Feb 1, 2008 9:56 AM, Elizabeth Farnsworth <1_nation_under_god@comcast.net>


      > My aquired daughter left her husband, they have a 5 yr old son.

      > He was ameniable and agreeable about doing things yesterday but flipped

      > back last night after speaking to his mother.

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