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      His lawyer says she took money and so she wont’ get

      child support for 40 months.>>>

      This is up TO THE JUDGE to decide…no one else…call the courthouse and

      ask them…I just did here in the state of WV…and was told thats the

      case in ALL states….

      Is there anything on record with the police about them trying to take the


      If there is she should be able to get a Restraining Order against


      INCLUDES HIS FAMILY…please have her call the police and talk to


      Your dd and gs are in my prayers…please let us know what happens.


      On 2/1/2008, “Elizabeth Farnsworth” <1_nation_under_god@comcast.net>


      >My aquired daughter left her husband, they have a 5 yr old son.

      >He was ameniable and agreeable about doing things yesterday but flipped back

      last night after speaking to his mother. He is threatening criminal abandonment

      charges, North Carolina states that it’s a no fault divorce state but yet his

      lawyer tried in 4 counties to get the judges to sign over custody of their son

      without the wife even being present as they are in California. 4 judges refused!

      It seems that no lawyer can help her because she hasn’t lived in California long

      enough yet!???? Her husband has been verbally and mentally abusive to her as

      have his family, in particular his mother. He tells her that she’s going to

      give their son to husbands mother and this before divorce ever was spoke of.

      Once. the in laws came to visit gchild and while BIL was in the house

      distracting the mom the mil was taking gson out to the car and they were

      blocking mom in the house, in other words they were trying to steal gson!

      Without mothers consent and she’d told them no you cannot take him over 30

      times, my other daughter was a witness to this. They all tell her she’s a bad

      mother etc and that they are going to take gson. Now husband is threatening

      again to come and take son and press criminal charges against wife and there are

      no criminal actions. Oh not to mention that they’ve got several bank accounts

      that have 40 grand each in them….did he put her name on them? no…did he

      dispose of them so she cannot have a claim to them……yes,,,,more than likely

      hidden in mommy dearest’s name somewhere…..wife left husband entire contents

      of home, both vehicles, all bank accounts and income taxes. His lawyer says she

      took money and so she wont’ get child support for 40 months. They have a lot of

      nice expensive things in their home. He’s told her all these years that she’s

      fat and things would be ok if she goes to the gym and loses weight….she has a

      thyroid condition and he started on her about being 10lbs overweight right out

      of the hospital after their son was born and even after she said she wanted a

      divorce he begged her to come back and said you could go to the gym and lose

      weight and bla bla still thinking of himself and his way, his conditions, his

      terms. She does not want this marriage but said tho he’s been a shitty abusive

      husband to me he’s been a good father to their son and she is willing to let him

      see their son anytime he has time off from the military and it doesn’t interfear

      with sons schooling. He is threatening her to take their child away and I dont’

      think he has grounds to stand on but she is so afraid and distrought about

      losing her son.

      >Does anyone know what we can do legally to get them to stop threatening to

      press unfounded charges and get a restraining order against him and his family

      for now until they decide to be human….it’s highly likely that they’d steal

      the son. Last time I checked it wasn’t a crime to leave your husband or your

      home…criminal abandonment…..? what the is that! There has got to be

      something she can do either with lawyer here in California or a lawyer in North

      Carolina without having to travel back and forth on money she does not have I’m

      worried at this point that they’d remove him from school and kidnap him….there

      must be something we can do to protect against that????? any idea for help?

      > Oh and don’t bother saying to ask the military because they do not do jac k

      squat to help a wife even when criminal charges are pressed against one fo their

      military men and you wonder why north carolina has the highest abuse rate and

      murdered women…………. I know this first hand because my son in law

      molested my grandson and the miltary has not done shit about it! I think maybe

      the press needs to be brought in or something.




      >Elizabeth Farnsworth

      >Boost Your Immune System Naturally)

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