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      Welcome to our Budget101.com Countdown to Christmas Challenge Day #2 – Only 4 days left ’til the Big Night!

      Each day we’ll be bringing you a new challenge question and giving you the opportunity to win one (or all!) of our fantastic Giveaway Goodies.

      Here’s how to Play:

      1. Reply to this thread and answer the Budget101 Challenge Question listed below
      2. 1 Lucky Recipient will be randomly selected from all qualifying entries

      Do you like to get homemade Christmas gifts? If so, tell about the best homemade gift you’ve ever gotten (or given!)

      Today’s Giveaway Goodie is:

      A Mystery Box full of Kitchen Gadgets valued at $45

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      do you like to get homemade christmas gifts? if so, tell about the best homemade gift you’ve ever gotten (or given!)

      one of my favorite homemade gifts to receive is homemade lip balm. my sister makes some that is to die for!

      i also love getting homemade crocheted dish clothes for washing dishes, they last so much longer than the store bought ones and work better.

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      do you like to get homemade christmas gifts? if so, tell about the best homemade gift you’ve ever gotten (or given!)

      favorite gift to give: homemade gift baskets with mixes. everyone always loves them!

      favorite homemade gift to receive: i love getting herb infused oils to cook with. my sister in law has an amazing garden and last year gave me an entire set of herb infused oils (rosemary, lavender, calendula, & thyme) they were amazing! she put them in a basket lined with bread dipping mixes and a loaf of homemade sourdough.

      it was gorgeous and tasty!

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      My favorite Christmas gifts to give are blankets. I make 2-3 every year for those who have little ones and it’s lovely to see them being passed down to siblings as the years pass.

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      My favorite gift to give are loaves of Banana, Pumpkin or Cranberry breads!!

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      Best homemade gift I ever got was a homemade quilt made out of Harley Davidson shirts that I had collected for years from various visits worldwide. My wife gave them to my mother in law and she made me a quilt out of them. It served two purposes, it uncluttered my closet and turned my fairly useless shirts into something I could enjoy daily.

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      The best homemade gift I ever received, was a quilt that my grandmother had mad the me. I remember laying on the floor listening to the radio or later watching TV, with my quilt covering me keeping warm and toasty.

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      The best homemade gift I ever got was a xmas tree skirt with matching table cloth & napkins from my aunt about 20 years ago ~ still use it today.

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      About 8 years ago, my daughter had the cutest pair of jeans. they had colorful flowers embroidered from the knees to the ankles. (she was about 5) the knees wore out.

      I cut right below the hole, both legs. sewed the top together inside out to make a seam. then the kids filled the ouch with rice, cinnamon and crushed cloves.

      took old lace, and sewed the seam shut with the lace. I didn’t fold it in since it was to thick and my machine wouldn’t handle it. it was designed to be a hot pad that smelled when heated.

      we gave both sets to grandma for Christmas. she still has them and they still smell fairly nice. when her knees start to hurt, she will heat it up in the microwave and rest it on her knees.

      She still talks about how much that has helped her and the flowers still look nice.

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      Congratulations to Raviendha who shall receive a mystery box of kitchen goodies from amazon before christmas!

      thank you all for playing & taking our countdown to christmas challenge. stay tuned for tomorrows special yule giveaway!

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      I love getting homemade gifts. My favorite on was the quilt my mom made me.

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      My fav was a quilted table runner.

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      The best homemade gift I’ve gotten was a Christmas ornament. My daughter painted a patriotic teddy bear in great detail and gave it to me on Christmas. She knew I loved teddy bears (I kept a Christmas tree up in the bedroom, all decorated with teddies), and I tend to be on the patriotic side.

      Also, I had done such ornaments in the past, but it was wonderful to get one from her (such thought had been put into it!!).

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      This year I made vanilla extract for the first time. They are one of the best gifts that I’ve given to my baker friends. They love it!!

      I’ll be making more. 🙂

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      Robbi L

      The best homemade gift I received was a homemade beauty kit complete with sugar scrub and lip balm.

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      A tiny pocket cross. It was cross stitched by a friend with a prayer and was in a holder about 1 inch by 1 inch. I still keep it on me today….15 years later.

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      I love homemade gifts. My favorites are food gifts, especially if they come with a recipe card so I can remake it myself later if it’s particularly delicious.

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      I always love the hand made gifts best! and hand made cards! I have a great lap quilt that has pictures of my friends on it! One of my friends made it for me and I love it!

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      I got a glass container that was layered with shells and interlaced with a string of battery powered mini white lights. It was soo beautiful, and it has stayed in my bathroom a long time.

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      My grandmothers homemade Banana Nut and Apricot Tea Breads were always my favorite gifts from her at Christmastime. Not to mention her Bonbon Cookies and Chocolate Nut Wafers. She was the best baker, I miss her.

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      My sister gives me jewelry that she makes. It’s sentimental and beautiful!

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      I love to make homemade gifts. I also love to receive something someone thought enough of me to make just for me. Last year my son’s partner gave me a collage frame with pictures of both of my lovely, grown children. Since I am no longer the one who takes all the pictures of them, and they never think to give me pictures of themselves this was a wonderful gift. It hangs in front of my desk at work so I can see my kids every day.

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      A shiny paper angel my oldest made when she was five or six. Still one of my favourites after fifteen years.

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      The best gift I ever got, homemade or otherwise, was Christmas breakfast in bed that my 2 youngest daughters prepared! They made pancakes with maple syrup that we’d made that spring, eggs and coffee. That was the last Christmas one of the girls ever had as she was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer just 2 weeks later. I told the girls when they brought in my breakfast, it was the Very Best Present they could give me. I meant it!

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      I Love the homemade gifts :). I have an 8 year old and she is always surprising me with little things. Recently she has taken up Knotting paracord (likes to be like mommy) and she made me a keychain for christmas. (I’m not supposed to know of course.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Christmas-Yule-hanukkah-Kwanzaa-Winter Solstice Budget101.com Countdown to Christmas Challenge Day #2 – (4 days left!)