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      I use flourescent lights in most of my condo —- Even though my kitchen
      light was flourescent, it was a long-tube type, and drew about 100 watts —
      when it died, it switched to a round Lights of America (cheap) flourescent
      fixture, and paid about ten dollars more for one with a nice glass shade
      (instead of plastic) — this puts out the equivelent of 150w of
      old-fashioned incandescent light, for only 30 watts! My kitchen is long and
      dark, the idiots building this place didn’t put in an outside window over
      the sink — so at the very end I moved a GE flourescent brite stix I had to
      light a rack of 4 Watkins bowls and mugs I have on the end wall — this
      light I turn on if I am doing a lot of work at the very end of the kitchen –

      In my computer area, I used a 3 watt “torpedo” chandelier-type flourescent
      bulb in a snake-light (flexible long gooseneck) light I got on e-bay for $1
      plus s&h, and I have a 5 watt bulb I bought a couple of years back in a
      flexible gooseneck clip-on lamp — I can direct both on the walls or ceiling
      for perfect lighting for this area. I use the 3 watt torpedo bulbs instead
      of 25w vanity bulbs over by bathroom sink, in the living room and on the
      wall above my computer desk is 40w flourescent strip fixtures by Lampi —-
      some are a bit cranky and I have to touch the lens to get them to start, but
      I have one on a timer for my animals, and the others I use when cleaning or
      when I need the whole floor area for a project or something — I have no
      more lamps in the condo for cats to knock over — they find plenty else to
      knock over or tear apart, or hide—-

      These flourescents are really getting cheap, though I am a bit paranoid
      about buying anything electrical from a manufacturer I trust, and ALWAYS

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      >I dont’ know about the lights saving money. I need the lights to see
      >because my sight is not so hot.
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