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      I dont’ know about the lights saving money. I need the lights to see because my
      sight is not so hot.
      but, i do know that not using the dryer has saved a ton of money off my monthly
      electric bill and i also know from experience that only running the hot water
      heater when i need hot water also saved a ton of money every month. the hot
      water heater will hold hot water for a long time after it is off.

      just turn it
      on about 20 minutes before showers.
      I started reading my electric meter and watching my kw useage and that was an
      eye opener. I have cut it in half in the last year with the new A/C, the new
      roof, and the killing the dryer.
      Keep at it and eventually your hubby will come around. Mine did.

      He expects me
      to go to work when the youngest go to Kindergarten in 2004. I told him we will
      see, my kids come first and I won’t let a job interfere with that.

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      I have just started in this group recently. My husband would “prefer” i was
      working but he knows it’s not happening until our 3 year old is in school. I am
      doing a few side things so please don’t send emails letting me know what I could
      do on the side for money.

      Anyway he wants a king’s life not grasping the
      concept that we are on a peasant’s budget. An example is: I shut off the
      lights I’m not using and he tells me he needs to see his dinner and turns a
      total of 4 different lights. I realize this doesn’t whole heartedly have much
      to do with this group and budgeting but even if I got personal replies I would
      be grateful.

      He says he doesn’t see how much money we can actually be saving
      shutting the lights off for 20 minutes. I was just wondering how many other
      people are in the same boat? He appreciates the food budgeting but doesn’t
      “get” the total picture.

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