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      At first, my husband seemed almost resentful that he had to work and I got to
      stay at home. He figured since he “worked 10 hours today”, he could have every
      light in the house on if he wanted to. It took time for him to come around and
      realize I was doing the best for our girls and he now helps out in saving
      money, however he thinks I am obsessed with keeping the lights off or the water
      from running.

      When he helps out with dishes, he runs the hot water full blast
      constantly until he is thru, my punishment for not getting to the dishes fast
      enough! : ) What if you tried one month to do the electricity his way, then
      the next month your way and compare the usage? If the difference is that much,
      maybe he will see the light (no pun intended ; ) ) or if the difference is not
      as much as you would have thought, he can have his lights on.

      It is so hard to
      stay at home if you do not have your husbands support. Hopefully, thru
      communication, he will come to understand and appreciate your commitment to
      your family. There are several sites that compare the cost of staying at home

      working and after considering taxes, child care, transportation, lunches
      out, missed work for dr. appointments, clothing expense, etc, it is cheaper for
      many moms to stay at home. Hope this helps!

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      I have just started in this group recently. My husband would “prefer” i was
      working but he knows it’s not happening until our 3 year old is in school. I am
      doing a few side things so please don’t send emails letting me know what I could
      do on the side for money.

      Anyway he wants a king’s life not grasping the
      concept that we are on a peasant’s budget. An example is: I shut off the
      lights I’m not using and he tells me he needs to see his dinner and turns a
      total of 4 different lights. I realize this doesn’t whole heartedly have much
      to do with this group and budgeting but even if I got personal replies I would
      be grateful.

      He says he doesn’t see how much money we can actually be saving
      shutting the lights off for 20 minutes. I was just wondering how many other
      people are in the same boat? He appreciates the food budgeting but doesn’t
      “get” the total picture.

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