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      :turkydance1:Welcome to the Budget101.com Thanksgiving Challenge!

      Show us how frugal you are with your money! Share your Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Plan under $75! Include the items you’re cooking as well as the (estimated) Prices…

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      As an example, we’ll set this one off! Here’s what we plan on serving for Thanksgiving for 8 people: Fried Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, steamed green beans with garlic butter, candied yams, yeast rolls, steamed corn with butter

      15 lb Turkey $8.85 (Food lion 59¢ lb!)
      Homemade Turkey Gravy 35¢
      1 lb (frozen) Green Beans 1.00 (aldi)
      2 lbs frozen corn 2.00 (aldi)
      1 lb butter $2.38 (aldi)
      Sweet Potatoes aka Yams (free, garden)
      Red Potatoes 2.99 (aldi 5lb bag)
      Cranberry Sauce (cranberries 99¢ bag aldi)
      Homemade Yeast Rolls $1.80
      Pie crust- homemade 40¢
      Apple Pie Filling (in the freezer from earlier this fall)
      Chocolate Cream Pie $3
      Homemade Pickles we made earlier in the summer

      Our Total Contribution expense: $23.76

      Our invited guests are each bringing a dish:

      Broccoli Casserole
      Sage Sausage Dressing/Stuffing
      Veggie Platter w/ Ranch Dip
      Blueberry Pie
      Mystery Side dish (one of our friends always has a side dish, but we never know what it’ll be!)

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      There are only 2 of us this year, Mike has to work Thanksgiving night, so we are making dinner the following Sunday. Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Green Bean Casserole, Buns, Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie. Total came to $48.70 (with leftovers too last weeks)

      1) 20 lb turkey $14.80 (Cub Foods .89 lb plus $3 mfg coupon)
      2) Homemade turkey gravy .35 (I used Liss $ amount, whatever flour cost is)
      3) Mashed Potatoes $.85 (5lb local produce store .85 for 5lb bag)
      4) Stuffing $9.01
      * Bag of Brownberry stuffing FREE had in cupboard extra from last year
      * 2 cans Chicken broth $1.20 (5 for $3 Cub Foods)
      * 1lb Jimmy Dean Sausage $3.74 ($3.99-.25 coupon Cub Foods)
      * 1 lb baby carrots $.99 (on sale at Cub 1lb .99)
      * Celery $1.00
      * Onion $.50
      * 2 cans of mushrooms $1.58
      5) Corn (2 cans) $1.20 (5 for $3 Cub Foods)
      6) Green Bean Casserole $5.41
      * Green Beans (2 cans) $1.20 (5 for $3 Cub Foods)
      * 1 can Mushrooms $.79
      * 1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup $.59
      * 1 can Cheddar Cheese Soup $.59
      * Fried Onions $2.24 ($2.99-.75 coupon)
      6) Rhodes Heat & Serve buns $1 (2/$4 we will only make 1/2 package)
      7) 2 Pies (Pumpkin & Pecan) $8.59
      I had everything except the following:
      * Everday Essentials Pecans (8oz) $4.99
      * Libbys Pumpkin (2) $3.58
      8) 1 lb Butter $2.50
      9) 1 Gallon Milk $2.99
      10) Tub of Cool Whip FREE (had a coupon)
      11) 2 1 liter bottles of pop $2.00

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      Made from scratch dinner for 8 $36.78
      TURKEY 16 lb $8.14($7.84 currently on MVP at Food lion .49 lb, butter .07 per tbsp . 15 seasoning )
      mashed potatoes 8 lb $4.35 (3.43 potatoes .50 milk .42 for butter and homemade chicken stock frozen left over from weekly chicken prep)
      candied sweet potatoes $5.00(3.45 5 lbs sweet potato, .62 butter, .78 brown sugar, .15 spices)
      GRAVY .59 ( 2.5 tbsp flour, .14 butter. pan drippings)
      green bean casserole $5.50 ($3.57 for 3 lbs frozen green beans .69 for home french fried onion.

      1.24 home made cream of chicken soup)
      STUFFING $3.22 ( 2.08 two loaves homemade bread staled browned in oven .30 celery, .69 onion, and .69 fresh herbs and poultry seasoning, .15 broth made from giblets and 2 cubes of bouillon.
      buttered steamed carrots 2lb $1.36 ( 1.19 carrots, .14 2 tbsp of butter .03 fresh parsley)
      hommade yeast rolls 2 DOZEN $3.36 (2.09 flour, .78 yeast .02 salt .05 sugar .42 butter.)
      toffee magigcrust custard pie $3.15 ($1.29 =toffee sauce .40 brown sugar, .28 butter, .50 half n half, .20 vanilla, .01 salt.)( 1.86 Custard pie .28 butter, .39 4 eggs, .40 sugar, .01 salt, .48 milk, .20 vanilla,.10 flour)
      lemon magiccrust custard pie(hubbies favorite as he is not fond of crust) $2.11 (.25 for lemon and zest. $1.86 for custard pie recipe)

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      We’re having 10 guests at our house for dinner this year so we’re doing an organized pot-luck. Pretty much everyone brings 2 dishes, that’s how we’ve always done it.

      I’m providing a roasted 20lb turkey. It was .69 a pound, so that’s $13.80 I’m also making a blackberry cream pie, the blackberries were free and the cream to make it is 1.99. The stuffing is homemade and has sausage, sage, celery and onions in it.

      The cost is about $3 (the sausage was on sale for $1.99) and the bread was cheap because I make my own in the bread machine.

      I’m making riced potatoes (5 lbs for 1.99 sale)eat-1  smilie
      Double Broccoli Casserole (broccoli, cream of mushroom soup, cheddar cheese, panko) $2.50

      Mom is bringing Whipped Sweet Potato Casserole & Boston Cream Pie (and she’s bringing dad hahaha)
      My sis in Law & bro is bringing 3 kinds of homemade pickles and homemade cranberry sauce
      My neighbor is bringing Honey Glazed Gingered Carrots & homemade yeast rolls
      Jackson & Jen are bringing Fresh Tossed Salad & Pumpkin Bread
      Alice & kirk are bringing Fruit Salad and some sort of dessert.

      I usually end up making cookies too, but that’s not really planned right now.

      My total cost is just under $25. I don’t know how people can afford to throw a big thanksgiving dinner without doing a potluck-style. If I was providing all of these dishes it would cost me over $100!

      I’m thankful for good friends, lol

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      Here’s our Menu for 10 people

      Turkey $12.
      Stuffing $1.25 (box)
      Gravy $0.50 homemade
      Cranbery Sauce $1.00 (can)
      Mashed Potatoes $2.50 half a 20lb bag
      Candied Yams (2 cans $3.00)
      Green Bean Casserole $2.50
      buttered corn $2.00
      Buttered peas $2.00
      Green Olives $1.39
      Black Olives .99
      Carrots & Celery w/ homemade vegetable dip $3.50
      Chips & Dip $3.00

      I’m sure my mom and sister will each bring some sort of dish too.

      We’re going to my neighbors house for a dessert party later in the evening so we won’t be making any desserts. The other guests at her house will be bringing a dessert but since we are hosting dinner she told me not to bring anything.

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      As I type this I am expecting we will have 8 for dinner. Last minute guests appear eat-1  smilie

      22 lb turkey 16.67 (we love left overs!)
      Mashed Potatoes 3.50
      cream cheese
      Stuffing 3.50
      Gravy 1.00
      Green Beans 3.00
      Brown and Serve Rolls 2.00

      Daughter is making some sort of sweet potato
      Sons supplying 2 pies – pumpkin and apple

      My total cost should be approximately $30.00. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

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      We’re keeping Thanksgiving dinner very basic this year after realizing we were just making way too much and didn’t really need all of that extra stuff. So our dinner for 5 this year will be…

      Turkey 20 lb…FREE (my mother received it free & it’s too much for just her)
      Potatoes…$1.00 (1/2 of 10 lb bag bought for $1.47-plus the extras)
      Gravy…$0.50 (homemade)
      Stuffing…$1.00 (bread scraps collected during the year)
      Home canned corn…FREE (from corn received from my mom)
      Homemade cranberry sauce…$1.50
      Homemade rolls…$2.00
      Pumpkin Pie…$3.00 (home canned pumpkin.

      cost includes crust)
      Blueberry Pie…$0.50 (Home canned from free blueberries. cost is for crust)
      Cool Whip…$1.00

      The total cost for this year is $10.50! PLUS plenty of leftovers.

      Not bad 🙂

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      We are so financially straped this Thanksgiving we wont be having a tradional dinner. Our dinner will be: Tuna Casserole, Green Bean Salad, Rolls, Pumpkin Pie and Cool Whip. Ingredients: Egg Noodles 1.45, 2 Cans Albacore Tuna $2.60, Cream of Mushroom Soup $0.50, Sharp Cheese (shredded) $3.00, 3 Cans Green Beans $1.50, 2 Large Tomatoes $2.20, Kraft Zesty Italian Salad Dressing $2.75, Pumpkin Pie 3x$2.98, Cool Whip $0.99 = $23.45

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      sinnersrok, I totally understand being strapped…been there, done that as probably most of us here have been… Right, Liss?!! At least you are putting together a healthy meal that your family likes and you will be together for the holiday.

      Look for Liss’ “How to Feed a Family of Four for Less than $200 a Month.” I return to it frequently! LOL!

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      Just curious….if you are frying the turkey, wouldnt you include the price of the oil?

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      This Challenge has now ended! We were really impressed with all of your Menu Plans! We’ll also be sending out coupons for Free Turkey Hill Ice Cream to Each of the members that shared their menu plan, please be sure that your address is updated in your profile to receive your coupon.

      Winner/Goodie Giveaway Recipient: TashaRyan

      Congratulations Ms Tasha, your fryer has already been shipped to the address in your account!

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      @Suzanne78 639923 wrote:

      Just curious….if you are frying the turkey, wouldnt you include the price of the oil?

      Only if you actually had to purchase oil. There are Oil less turkey fryers that don’t require any or only require 2 cups, which many people already have on hand. Then again, some people already have oil that they use several times throughout the year just for the purpose of frying turkeys

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