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      Married in 1998, in Walnut Creek, CA. I don’t remember all of the breakdowns. A few that stand out were: site for wedding around $1200, site for reception around the same, $100 minister, $800 my dress & veil, $400 cake, $2700 photographer, album, and negatives.

      The caterer was dh’s uncle and we got the food at cost and didn’t have to pay for the waitstaff, but we had prime rib, salmon, and something else–chicken? I’m sure that was a bundle.The total was $25,000. For our honeymoon we went to an all-inclusive Sandals resort in St. Lucia.

      Had our own private pool on the balcony, and several other upgrades. That was $8000. Not exactly budget.

      Priorities have changed since we have a mortgage and kids. Sherri

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