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      I just checked out the costofwedding.com site. It is hilarious!!! I live in a small town in WV….and according to the site the average cost of a wedding here is $19,300.

      Most local jobs are minimum wage so I can’t begin to imagine that they are spending that on weddings. My sister remarried a year ago and she had a very budget wedding. She had purchased a cream colored dress for the wedding and mentioned at her grandson’s birthday party that she had to return it because she had gained some weight.

      A friend of the family heard this and offered to loan her a beautiful wedding gown that she had purchased for a wedding that never took place. It was a perfect fit so cost of the dress was a big hug and a nice thank you card. The reception was held in a church hall which was donated for a “freewill offering”…basically you give what you can afford.

      The cake was a gift from a co-worker friend of the bride….in fact there were 2 cakes because her future daughter-in-law also made a small one! I’m a crafter so had a lot of stuff around the house that we used to decorate for a fall wedding. Music was just cds we’d made of favorite music of the bride & groom.

      Grand total spent for a beautiful wedding was probably less than $750….including flowers & everything!

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