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      >>When dh & I married in 1994 we spent less than $200 for a full church wedding.I have heard the average wedding now is priced at over $65,000 and Iam in shock.How much did you all spend on your weddings?<<

      i think the stats out there are a crock of pucky.

      i found a cute site that you can input your zip code and it tells you what the average wedding cost for that zip code is…

      for the small town in wi that i live in (population is 104 people) that the average wedding cost is $26,510 . That’s completely hilarious considering that the average INCOME for the town is $12,345.

      I know of several weddings in town and I’m willing to bet that not a single 1 of them passed $1,200 in all.

      For us personally, Our wedding cost less than $500. The most expensive item being the cake.


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