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      Do some things yourself. My Mom made my veil – gorgeous! Many people have asked about it.

      She got a pattern at JoAnn fabrics. We (my Mom, sister and I) made all the bouquets, flowers for the girls, the guy’s suits, etc. using videos we got from the library and materials from Michaels.

      Gorgeous! Lots of compliments. No worries about getting out of season flowers either.

      Wear shoes you are comfortable in, not “wedding shoes” necessarily. Order your invitations through an online catalog. Get samples first. Check their return policy and the charge, if any, for making changes.

      Make your own maps. You could make your own invitations too, depending on time limitations. They have better things out now at the office stores than we were married.
      Make your own favors.

      Make your own Thank You notes. My hubby and I came up with what we wanted to say and I typed it on the computer, printed it on nice paper. Saved a bundle.

      Are you affiliated with anyplace that will give you a break on a hall rental? College alumni can sometimes use a facility at the college. Some churches let you use their meeting hall for a donation.

      Vet? Ask VFW halls. Firefighter/Police?

      Ask for their meeting hall. Union member? Same thing.

      Military? Ask about the rates at the officer’s club at your local military base. You don’t have to be an officer to use them.

      Enlisted are allowed. Get a “fancy” cake for the top 2 tiers and sheet cakes for the serving. When you and hubby cut the cake for pictures, you cut the fancy part.

      The bottom is decorated cardboard. The servers will cut the
      sheet cakes in the back room and bring it out to your guests. Same flavors, less decoration – saves $$$$.

      If you know someone who bakes, ask them to do this for you as their gift to you. Make your own garters. Wear regular hosiery.

      “Wedding specific hose are pricey.” Make your own wedding purse, or shop now for a “fancy” one when they are on sale – after Christmas/New Year’s – evening bag. If you sew, you can save a bundle!

      My Mom made mine with a pearl handle. I have it still. Do your own hair.

      Have a friend do your nails & make-up. Ask for a bulk discount on the tux rental for your spouse and his groomsmen. Have your attendants get their dresses from someplace like Chadwick’s (think party dresses, not bridesmaids gowns) – much less expensive.

      Then, ask them to wear shoes of their own choosing that they are comfortable in for _______
      hours, rather than some dyed to match ones. I will get back to you. Have to get ready for church.


      Tawana Parker wrote: i am getting married on oct 18, 2008 any advice

      Liss wrote:

      >>When dh & I married in 1994 we spent less than $200 for a full church wedding.I have heard the average wedding now is priced at over $65,000 and Iam in shock.How much did you all spend on your weddings?<< i think the stats out there are a crock of pucky.

      i found a cute site that you can input your zip code and it tells you what the average wedding cost for that zip code is… for the small town in wi that i live in (population is 104 people) that the average wedding cost is $26,510 . That’s completely hilarious considering that the average INCOME for the town is $12,345.

      I know of several weddings in town and I’m willing to bet that not a single 1 of them passed $1,200 in all. For us personally, Our wedding cost less than $500. The most expensive item being the cake.


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